Ask the Researchers: Perturbation-based Balance Training

We (Dr. Christopher McCrum and Dr. Yoshiro Okubo) are currently editing a “research topic” (similar to a special issue) on Perturbation-based Balance Training (PBT) at the open access (free for all to read) journal Frontiers in Sports and Active Living.

Perturbation-based balance training (also referred to as reactive balance training or perturbation training) utilizes a task-specific approach to balance training, applying repeated exposure to unpredictable mechanical perturbations that mimic balance disturbances experienced in daily life. The goal of this training is to specifically target and improve the ability to maintain and recover balance in situations that often lead to falls.

As this is a topic where collaboration and communication with healthcare practitioners is critical, we want to ensure that our research topic will also be relevant to the people who work directly with the target groups (i.e. older adults, people with balance disorders, etc.).

To achieve this, we would like to gather questions from the healthcare community about the evidence on perturbation-based balance training. Our aim is to gather questions from and issues faced by practitioners who already use or are interested in using PBT in their daily practice. With these, we will attempt to arrange one or more articles within our research topic that address questions that we observe to be common. Please keep in mind that it won’t be possible to address very specific (patient or situation) questions that are not likely relevant to the broader community of practitioners.

This survey is anonymous. Please do not include identifying or confidential information.

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