Weekly Research Highlight in Fall Prevention

This weekly blog post aims to highlight articles published during the week regarding fall prevention. This week we take a look a multicomponent intervention for fall reduction at a rural mixed rehabilitation ward.

Abstracts for these studies can be found here

Reducing falls through the implementation of a multicomponent intervention on a rural mixed rehabilitation ward
Ma CLK, Morrissey RA. Aust. J. Rural Health 2020; ePub(ePub): ePub.
DOI 10.1111/ajr.12646 PMID 32794315

There have been many strategies developed in order to reduce inpatient falls across hospitals in Australia. There has been limited research into preventing falls on a mixed acute/subacute rehabilitation unit, especially in rural areas. This research was implemented when a rural rehabilitation unit was found to have the highest rate of falls when compared to other inpatient wards. In response a multicomponent intervention was developed using an audit to identify gaps in their existing falls reduction plan with proposed interventions. Key interventions included the implementation of a traffic light mobility system to provide visual aids for mobility, increased compliance with existing fall risk tools and improved documentation of fall incidents. Through this process they were able to reduce the number of patients falling from 10.4% to 5.4% of all admissions.