2007 Events

2007 NSW Falls Prevention Network Meeting

The 2007 NSW Falls Injury Prevention Network Meeting was held on Monday June 4th at the John Niland Scientia Building, UNSW.

Plenary Session

  • Prof Stephen Lord ‘ Interventions for preventing falls in older people- recent studies’ – unavailable
  • Dr Cathie Sherrington ‘Exercise for falls prevention: A Systematic Review’ – PDF ~284kb
  • Pam Albany ‘Physical Activity for Older Adults: Lessons from the past and opportunities for the future’ – PDF ~2.07mb

Exercise Workshop

  • Sally Castell ‘Staying Active, Staying Safe – an exercise resource for people working with the frailer aged’ – PDF ~535kb
  • Chris Wood ‘Strength training for Indigenous Australians’ – PDF ~2.53mb
  • Megan Swann-Williams ‘Stepping On Program’ – PDF ~1.37mb

Afternoon session 1

  • Caroline Harris & Jean Turner ‘Aunty Jean’s Good health Team’
    This was a DVD presentation
  • Rebecca Bell “What’s in the green box?” Queensland’s interpretation and implementation of the National Guidelines’ – PDF ~1.92mb
  • Jenny Bawden & Jayne Westling ‘Fall Injury Prevention and Management in SWAHS Hospitals’ – PDF ~493kb

Afternoon Session 2

  • Cherie Mercado & Linda McCormack ‘Rural Opportunities to Stand Tall, Don’t Fall’ – PDF ~12.71mb
  • Lyn Cohen & Josephine Mortimer ‘Fairfield FIT: Falls Intervention Team Program’ – PDF ~618kb
  • Gaye Sykes ‘Southern Hospitals Network Falls Prevention Project’ – PDF ~3.22mb


Getting Falls Research into Policy and Practice – Falls Translation Task Group Meeting

Researchers, policymakers and a range of other relevant stakeholders met at the Mercure Sydney Hotel on 7 March 2007 to consider the translation of falls research into policy and practice.

This meeting was organized by the Falls Translation Task Group (TTG), an initiative of a NHMRC Capacity Building Grant in Injury, Trauma and Rehabilitation. The Falls TTG aims to enhance linkage and exchange between falls researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders, in order to foster the development of research which is useful and meaningful to stakeholders and to improve the dissemination and uptake of falls research into policy and practice.

The series of invited presentations around falls research to policy and practice issues, delivered to the March 7 meeting, are provided below:-

  • Dr Jacqui Close ‘Research into Practice – a reality check – PDF ~244kb
  • Sally Castell ‘Movement at the coal face’ – PDF 229~kb
  • Lauretta Stace ‘Mobilising the fitness industry to assist with practical implementation of falls prevention strategies’ – PDF ~257kb
  • Prof Stephen Lord ‘Falls prevention: what works and what doesn’t work’ – PDF ~198kb
  • Dr Lesley Day ‘Modeling the population level impact, costs and benefits of falls prevention measures’ – PDF ~97kb