2008 Events

The 2008 NSW Falls Prevention Network Meeting was held across various locations:

Other events throughout 2008 include:

2008 NSW Falls Prevention Network Meeting

Session 1 Research & Resource Update

  • Stephen Lord ‘Falls in Older people – Recent Studies on Assessment and Interventions’ – PDF ~316kb
  • Lorraine Lovitt & Ingrid Hutchinson ‘Falls Prevention Trigger DVD’ – PDF ~476kb

Session 2 Cognitive Impairment Case Scenario and Session 3 Networking Session

No presentations available from these sessions

Session 4 Community Initiatives

  • Nancye Peel ‘Stay on Your Feet® Community Good Practice Guidelines’ – PDF ~400kb
  • Kate Smith ‘Stay on Your Feet® Community Good Practice Toolkit’ – PDF ~1.50mb
  • Sally Castell ‘Aware, Alert & Active: Community Falls Prevention Exercise Programs – PDF ~427kb
  • Merrin Moran ‘Strengthening for Over 60’s Program in Wagga Wagga’ – PDF ~650kb
  • Anne Tiedemann ‘Falls Risk Assessment with Community Dwellers – what, where and how? – PDF ~471kb

Hunter New England Falls Prevention Forum March 2008 Presentations

Morning Session

  • Lorraine Lovitt ‘Overview of NSW Falls Program” – PDF ~1.43mb
  • Patsy Bourke ‘Putting Falls Management into Practice in HNE’ – PDF ~4.49mb
  • ‘Managing the Falls Journey: Case Studies that meet/do not meet best practice guidelines’ – PDF ~4.98mb

Afternoon Sessions


  • Cheryl Watterson ‘Maximising Calcium and Vitamin D Intake: falls injury Prevention in the acute setting’ – PDF ~1.0mb
  • Esther Vance ‘Implementing a Restraints Free Policy’ – PDF ~1.40mb
  • Debbie Harper & Leanne Bashford ‘Falls Prevention in an Acute Care Environment’ – PDF 224~kb
  • Robyn Walker ‘Falls Prevention in Rehabilitation’ – PDF ~5.48mb

Residential Aged Care

  • Mandy Harden ‘Falls Injury Reduction in Residential Aged Care – Research Project 2005-2007’ – PDF ~1.87mb
  • Richard Gibson ‘Falls in Residential Aged Care Facilities’ – PDF 544~kb
  • John Ward ‘Update on Vitamin D, calcium and hip protectors in ACFs’ – PDF ~139kb
  • Barry Mason ‘Falls prevention – The McLean experience’ – PDF 5.37mkb


  • Melanie Kingsland ‘Building Access to appropriate Physical Activity in HNE’ – PDF ~415kb
  • Janelle Lymberry ‘Falls Prevention in the “At Risk” Community Client’
  • Jan Bartlett ‘Falls Prevention in the Community’ – PDF ~1.03mb
  • Jacqueline Greenham ‘Falls Injury Prevention Forum Healthy at Home Programme’ – PDF ~1.72mb

GSAHS Falls Prevention Forum February 2008 Presentations

Session 1 Partnerships

  • Lorraine Lovitt ‘Overview of the NSW Falls Prevention program and Community Guidelines’ – PDF ~4.52mb
  • Dr Rod Pope ‘Linking Falls Research and Practice in Inland Communities’ – PDF ~161kb
  • Nancye Piercy ‘Integration and the Benefits of Partnerships’ – PDF ~344kb

Session 2 Mobilising and Physical Activity

  • Sally Castell ‘Highs and Lows – Reducing the incidence of falls and their related injuries – the exercise challenge’ – unavailable
  • Dr Cathie Sherrington ‘ Exercise programs in the prevention of Falls: the evidence’ – unavailable
  • Niccola Follett ‘GSAHS Volunteer Physical Activity Network’ – unavailable
  • Joanne Gould ‘Visualising Balance – Tai Chi Classes for People with Low Vision’ – PDF ~119kb
  • Lynne Koerbin ‘Stand Tall: Don’t Fall in the Bega Valley’ – unavailable

Session 3 High Risk Populations

  • Emily Morrow ‘Traffic Light System – Coloured arm bands’ – PDF ~3.36mb
  • Kath Grady ‘Traffic Light data’ – unavailable
  • Sandra Bill & John Gale ‘Falls Buster Program’ – PDF ~283kb
  • Dr Max Graffen ‘Fixing frequent Fallers – A Rural Inititative’ – PDF ~404kb
  • Mary Saligari & Merrin Moran “Active Ageing”: a better Approach – PDF ~9.27mb
  • Prof Patrick Ball ‘ The Role of Medication in Falls Risk’ – PDF ~544kb

ACT Falls Prevention Forum Presentations

Keynote Addresses

  • A/Prof Lindy Clemson ‘Trends in Falls Prevention and Practice: Lessons from Research – unavailable
  • Sally Castell “The Big Exercise Jigsaw Puzzle” Applying the Research Relating to Exercise and Falls Injury Reduction – PDF ~452kb

Other Presentations

  • Cherie Mercado, Lynne Koerbin & Linda McCormack The next step in “Stand Tall, Don’t Fall” – unavailable
  • Joanne Gould ‘A World First: Tai Chi for People with Low Vision’ – PDF ~38kb
  • Claire Schofield ‘Implementing the Nationwide Calvary Healthcare Falls Risk Minimisation Policy in Canberra’ – PDF ~166kb
  • Louise Green ‘SQuIRe, Falls Prevention project at Freemantle Hospital and Health Service, Western Australia’ – PDF ~420kb
  • Fiona Dawes ‘Challenges for a Falls Prevention Program in an Older Person’s Mental Health Inpatient Unit’ – PDF ~527kb
  • Mandy Harden et al ‘Challenges in Implementing Best Practice Falls Prevention Strategies in the Residential Care Setting’ – PDF ~520kb
  • Kate Johnson, Lillian Wells Nursing Home, North Parramatta ‘Reducing Falls in the Lounge of a Dementia Specific Facility’ – unavailable

Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) Conference Plenary Session on Falls & Falls Injury Prevention

  • Prof Stephen Lord ‘Falls risk assessment in older people’ – PDF ~455kb
  • Prof Stephen Lord ‘Falls prevention in older people: policy and practice’ – PDF ~520kb
  • Prof Ian Cameron ‘ Management for prevention: Falls and falls injury prevention’ – PDF ~830kb
  • Dr Cathie Sherrington ‘Exercise programs in the prevention of falls’ – unavailable