2018 Events


KIAMA 24th August 2018

ISLHD Forum Evaluation Report


Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead, NSW Falls Prevention Program, Clinical Excellence Commission
Leading Better Value Care – Falls in Hospital

LBVC Local Presentations

Ms Jacqui Cornell, CNC and Ms Ann Thomson, CNE
Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital – Coming Soon

Ms Ashley Howley, CNE Medical Ward
Shellharbour Hospital

Mr Edward Davidson, Physiotherapy Unit Head and Ms Suzanne Lide, Nurse Manager, DDON
Coledale District Hospital

Dr Mary Ryan, Program Lead – Team Effectiveness, Clinical Excellence Commission
Safety Huddles

Ms Megan Foye & Ms Padmini Pai, Co-Project Leads, Fit for Frailty Program
Fit for Frailty

Dr Jasmine Menant, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
Fall Prevention Research Update

Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann, NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Principal Research Fellow, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, Sydney School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
Exercise and Falls Prevention

Ms Amanda Bates, Health Promotion Officer, ISLHD
BEST at Home: Update 2018 – coming soon

Ms Miriam Coyle, CNC Dementia/Aged Care ISLHD
Dementia, Delirium and Falls – coming soon

Ms Vanathy David, Aged Care CNC, Wollongong Hospital
“Let’s reflect on the fall” Research project – coming soon

Professor Jan Potter, Co-Director Aged Care Rehabilitation and Palliative Care ISLHD
Sedation in the Elderly and review after a Fall

Nola and Graham Tucker Interview

Staying Power- tips and tools to keep you on your feet, this book written by Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann gives practical and inspirational advice on how to remain independent and prevent falls through a combination of exercise and a healthy active approach. It is available from Sydney University Press. Cost $A29.95 plus postage To order: Phone: 02 9036 9958 or Fax: 02 9114 0620 – email: sales@sup.usyd.edu.au



Tuesday 21st August, 1-1.45 pm Dr Morag Taylor
Cognitive Impairment and falls

Webinar Slides
Webinar recording
Q & A with links will be available soon

Tuesday 24th July, 1-1.45 pm Dr Jasmine Menant
Dizziness and falls

Webinar slides
Webinar recording
Q & A and links








Pam Albany Guest Lecture
Professor Ian Cameron, John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation, Kolling Institute, The University of Sydney
Frailty and falls
FIT Trial paper
Cameron video

Professor Cathie Sherrington, Head, Ageing and Physical Disability Program, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
Falls prevention research update
Sherrington video

Plenary 1 Questions and Answers video


Professor Susan Kurrle, Curran Professor of Health Care for Older People, Director NHMRC Partnerships Centre on Cognitive Decline, Hirnsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital
Sarcopaenia, nutrition and falls
Kurrle video

Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan, Consultant Geriatrician, Concord Hospital, Centre fro Education and Research on Ageing, The University of Sydney
Falls in Older Men
Naganathan video

Ms Anne Kalra, Team Leader, Health and Wellbeing Independent Living, Uniting Retirement Villages NSW & ACT
Falls – not a normal part of ageing: building sustainability into strength and balance programs
Kalra video

Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead NSW Falls Prevention Program, Clinical Excellence Commission
Leading Better Value Care – Falls in Hospital
Lovitt video

Plenary 2 Question and Answer video


Ms Penny Claxton, NUM, Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals, South Western Sydney LHD
Nursing Executive Leader falls review

Ms Tracy Heath, NUM & Ms Jennifer Phillips, A/CNE, Campbelltown Hospital, South Western Sydney LHD
Pre-fall Safety Huddles

Ms Cathy Taylor, NUM, Rankin Park Centre, John Hunter Hospital, Hunter New England LHD
Falls reduction in a subacute rehabilitation ward: our 5 year journey

Mr Duncan McKechnie, CNC, Brain Injury Centre, Royal Rehabilitation, Northern Sydney LHD
Development of the Sydney Falls Risk Screening Tool: Phase 2

Ms Megan Swann, Occupational Therapist, Prince of Wales Hospital, South Eastern Sydney LHD
POWH Falls Pathway for Older People


Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann, Career Development Fellow, NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney
Long-term falls prevention behaviour after participation in the Stepping On program
Tiedemann video

Ms Lisa Dillon & Ms Metaxia Tsoukatos, Orientation and Mobility Specialists, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
Delivering an exercise-based falls prevention program to people aged 50+ with vision impairment
Dillon & Tsoukatos video

Mr Theeban Rubasingham & Mr Ahilan St George, Directors & Co-Founders, Vitality Club
Community programs and minimising frailty in older people
Rubasingham & St George video

Ms Kim Nicholson, Physiotherapist, Anglicare
Community programs utilising Commonwealth funding
Nicholson video

Ms Josephine Mortimer, Occupational Therapist, CORE Community Services
Using the FROP-Com screen as a tool to inform and evaluate goals of OT intervention within a Home Modification Service
Mortimer video


Ms Jan Locke, Volunteer Exercise Leader & Ms Carly Barnes, Physical Activity Program Leader, Murrumbidgee LHD
Community Exercise Programs – A volunteer’s perspective (unavailable as video only)

Ms Geraldine Wallbank, Postgraduate Student, Musculloskeletal Health Sydney, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
Active Women over 50

Ms Jenny Preece, Network Manager, Rural Health Network, Agency for Clinical Innovation
Residents living well in MPS – not hospital but home

Ms Jenny Hewitt, Positive Living Coordinator, Feros Care, PhD Candidate, The University of Sydney
Exercise for the prevention of falls in residential aged care – the results of the Sunbeam Trial

Ms Carla Sunner, CNS ASET, John Hunter Hospital Emergency Department, Hunter New England LHD
Telehealth with RACFs: Closing the gap with acute and community


Ms Erika Pliner, Visiting Research Assistant, PhD Candidate, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre NeuRA
Investigating mechanisms of fall risk during everyday tasks on ladders
Pliner video

Professor Cathie Sherrington,Head, Ageing and Physical Disability Program, Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
Safely improving mobility in high risk groups: results of the RESTORE and AMOUNT Trials
Sherrington video

Ms Sallie Cairnduff, Senior Project Manager, The George Institute for Global Health, UNSW Sydney
The Ironbark Trial: a cluster randomised control trial of a fall prevention program for older Aboriginal people
Cairnduff video


THURSDAY 8TH MARCH, Charles Sturt University, Convention Centre, Wagga Wagga
Final Program

Presentation PDFs

Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead, NSW Falls Prevention program, Clinical Excellence Commission
Leading Better Value Care – Falls in Hospital

Professor Paul Finucane,Senior Staff Specialist Geriatrician, MLHD
Dementia, Delirium and falls

Ms Danielle Kennedy, Aged Care Nurse Practitioner, MLHD
Minimising the falls risk in the cognitively impaired

Ms Sheree Morris, Acting Dietitian in Charge, Wagga Wagga Health Service
Nutrition and falls

Associate Professor Kim Delbaere, Principal Research Scientist, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
How feeling confident on your feet reduces falls

Dr Jasmine Menant, Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
Falls prevention research update

Ms Annie Williams, Manager, Innovation, LBVC & Clinical Redesign, MLHD
LBVC Program management in MLHD

Dr Kristy Robson, Lecturer in Podiatry, Charles Sturt University and Mr Nazmul Ahasan, Falls Prevention Coordinator, Murrumbidgee LHD
Stepping On in the MLHD: Is it a gateway for older people to increase confidence and motivation for long term physical activity


Falls Prevention is everyone's business