April Falls Day® 2017

Moving right to stay upright

More than one in three people 65 years or older fall at least once a year and there is good evidence balance and strength exercises can reduce a person’s risk of falling and increase the likelihood of them staying independent and active. Poor balance and strength will affect a person’s ability to move well and put them at an increased risk of a fall.

NSW Falls Prevention Program Lead Lorraine Lovitt, has outlined some common issues people may face as they age and she encourages older people to speak to a health care professional if they start to notice any of the following issues:

  • Can’t keep up with friend when walking
  • Tripping over low lying objects e.g. a grandchild’s toy
  • Feeling wobbly on your feet when standing still
  • Not feeling confident to go up and down stairs.
  • Recent slips, trips or falls

A health professional can test balance and strength,  suggest some exercises to do at home or help find a local exercise program that includes balance and strength exercises (such as Stepping On or Tai Chi) by using the Active and Healthy website www.activeandhealthy.nsw.gov.au

April Falls Day® 2017 is an opportunity to promote moving right to stay upright across your hospital, community or residential aged care facility.

The Clinical Excellence Commission’s, NSW Falls Prevention Program has developed a range of resources for carers and health staff which are available on the Clinical Excellence Commission website