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Falls prevention online workshops

These workshops developed by Professor Lindy Clemson include:

The Home and Community Safety workshop teaches occupational therapists (OTs) and other allied health professionals how to conduct a comprehensive home visit designed to reduce the risk of falls for older people residing in the community. This evidence-based workshop provides an excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity for OTs, physiotherapists, nurses, exercise physiologists and other health providers interested in healthy ageing and falls prevention.

Falls prevention in General Practice The evidence-based learning activities on this site are designed to make it easy for doctors and practice nurses to help reduce falls amongst their patients. Options include the Active Learning Module and Clinical Audit Activity.

Stepping On Training

The program is an evidence-based program that is effective and proven to reduce falls in older people living in the community. The program incorporates strategies to implement positive lifestyle changes to keep you independent, upright and active.

Stepping On training consists of two courses, Introductory and Advanced. Advanced Training is available for facilitators who have completed the Introductory Training and are looking for more resources.

The Introductory course equips students to facilitate community based Stepping On programs for older people.

Otago Exercise Program – Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

Otago Exercise Programme is a self-paced online course, which distils information and research into clear, simple evidence-based best practice home exercise instructions accompanied by comprehensive practitioner notes. Discussion includes research related to each exercise, risk factors for falls and fractures, progressions and patient assessment.

Self-paced study using provided exercise prescriptions and practitioner notes (PDF format)
One multiple choice questionnaire to obtain CPD
Receive immediate confirmation of completion

Active Ageing Australia – Easy Moves for Active Ageing (EMAA)

EMAA® Leader, Level 1 is a competency based course which equips participants with the skills to plan and lead safe, fun and evidence based group exercise classes for older adults. Easy Moves was developed by physiotherapists to develop understanding about basic anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription, falls prevention, and conditions related to ageing (including joint replacement, arthritis, & dementia).
Topics include the role of physical activity in healthy ageing, flexibility, strength and balance, catering for special needs, class design, effective leadership, communication and practical teaching skills. Participants undertake practical and theoretical assessment in a supportive learning environment.

Movement matters has developed a series of 3 hour workshops based on the current “best practice” exercise prescription recommendations related to falls prevention and the older adult with many new practical ideas covering specific exercise / balance aspects that can be applied in the work place.The workshops are designed for allied health and fitness professionals who have experience working with older adults wishing to acquire the information and skills to undertake appropriate graded falls prevention exercise programs in different settings and for different target groups. (3 CEC per workshop).

If you are interested in finding out more about the training options please contact:
Sally Castell c/o “Movement Matters”
PO Box 712 Gladesville NSW 1675
Phone & Fax: (02) 9816 3199