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A range of indicators on fall-related injury in NSW can be accessed.

Clinical Excellence Commission – Safety and quality of Healthcare in NSW – eChartbook Portal

Fall related hospitalisations 2016-17


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Trends in fall related hospitalisations, persons aged 65 years and over, NSW, 1998-99 to 2011-12 

Understanding which falls and which populations are at risk of the significant consequences of falls is vital for the targeting resources in the future and evaluating the impact of fall prevention strategies.
This report describes the epidemiology of fall-related hospitalisations over a fourteen year period in NSW from 1998 to 2012 by four key indicators:
1) all fall-related hospitalisations,
2) injury hospitalisations,
3) fracture hospitalisations, and
4) non-fracture hospitalisations.
Trend across LHDs are reported to inform falls prevention plans and Service planning at the local health district level.

The report can be accessed at:


The incidence and cost of falls injury among older people in New South Wales 2006/07

The report provides the most comprehensive estimate to date of the costs associated with falls injury among older people in NSW. The total cost of health care associated with fall-related injury, among older people, to NSW, in 2006/07, is estimated at $558.5 million.

The considerable cost of these injuries to the NSW health system and the community underscores the need for significant investment in falls injury prevention, in both the community and residential aged care settings, to reduce these costs. Data from this study will be used in: cost-effectiveness studies on falls interventions at the population level; to inform NSW falls prevention policy development; and the prioritisation of evidence-based prevention programs within the community.

Incidence and cost of falls in NSW 2006/07

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