Healthy Ageing

Active & Healthy website

A website to locate Falls Prevention Exercise Programs in your local area within NSW as well as other resources

Staying active and on your feet booklet – A useful booklet for patients and their carers produced by the NSW Health.

Other active ageing publications:

      • Choose Health Be Active
        This resource offers ideas for keeping active at no cost, including balance and strength exercises that can be done at home. Copies can be ordered free of charge by calling 1800 500 853.
      • Staying Power- tips and tools to keep you on your feet, this book written by Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann gives practical and inspirational advice on how to remain independent and prevent falls through a combination of exercise and a healthy active approach. It is available from Sydney University Press. Cost $A30 plus postage To order: Phone: 02 9036 9958 or Fax: 02 9114 0620 – email:
      • Exercise and Physical Activity: Your everyday guide from the National Institute on Aging
        This Guide developed by the National Institute on Ageing, National Institutes of Health has been updated and is aimed at encouraging older people to incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives. This guide includes a range of suggestions and exercises to improve strength, balance and flexibility, information on nutrition and worksheets to record progress as well as an emphasis on remaining independent.

Falls Prevention Equipment

      • The Independent Living Centre provides information and advice on equipment for independence in everyday living, communication, mobility, home modifications and community services and have a large searchable database.


Physical Activity


      • Best-Practice Recommendations for Physical Activity to Prevent Falls in Older Adults – PDF ~348kb
        Undertaken by Catherine Sherrington, Stephen Lord and Jacqueline Close in 2008. This piece of work was commissioned by the Centre for Health Advancement of the NSW Department of Health through the Sax Institute in 2008. The authors were chosen for their research expertise in the field of falls prevention in older people, in Australia and internationally.The aim of the work was to obtain clear answers to the two following questions, based on the best available evidence:

        1. “What are the types, frequency and intensity of physical activity that are most effective in reducing the risk of falls in older adults?”; and
        2. “What are the most effective programs for delivering these recommended types and levels of physical activity?”.

        The report provides clear recommendations in response to these questions and is an important input to the development of evidence based falls prevention policy in NSW.