Residential Aged Care

Evidence Based Guideline


Staff Education

      • Preventing Falls in Care Homes – A thirty minute course
        This is a Free Course developed in the UK for healthcare assistants and nursing auxiliaries (AIN and personal carers equivalents) working in Residential Aged Care Facilities and developed by Kiss of Life Multimedia with Bupa Health Care. In half an hour you can learn WHY older people are at high risk of falling when living in care homes and what YOU can do to prevent these accidents. Although designed for use in care homes this short course is also suitable for training staff working in hospitals and the community.

Falls Prevention Equipment

      • The Independent Living Centre provides information and advice on equipment for independence in everyday living, communication, mobility, home modifications and community services and have a large searchable database.

Falls Risk Screening tool

      • Care Home Falls Screen (CaHFRiS) for low and high care residential aged care facilities. This tool provides an absolute risk of falls in the next 6 months, enabling the identification of those at high risk of falling.