Call for Action

Buchbinder R, Haines T et al. Case for Action: Falls and fracture prevention. Submitted by the NHMRC Research Translation Faculty Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Steering Group and the Injury Prevention and Control Steering Group; February 2015.


NSW Ministry of Health

Prevention of Falls and Harm from Falls among Older People:2011-2015
NSW Health Policy Directive

National Falls Prevention Plans

National Falls Prevention for Older people Plan – PDF ~295kb
2004 onwards (Published July 2005)

NZ Injury Prevention Strategy
Traumatic Brain Injury Strategy and Action Plan (2017 – 2021)
Releasing Time to Care The Productive Ward – Falls Prevention New Zealand Module

National Standards

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare: National Safety and Quality Healthcare Service Standards

Standard 10: Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

Second edition of standards


Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare

Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls in Older People: Best Practice guidelines for Australian Hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Community Care 2009
These guidelines were endorsed by the Australian Health Ministers at their meeting in November 2009. There are separate complete guidelines and shorter guidebooks for Hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities and Community Care as well as Fact Sheets and an Implementation Guideline.

A better way to care: Safe and high quality care for patients with cognitive impairment (dementia and delirium) in hospital

The commission has produced three resources to guide health service managers, clinicians and consumers in improving care of people with cognitive impairment.

Delirium Clinical Care Standard

This standard and accompanying resources provide guidance to consumers, clinicians and health services on delivering appropriate care to people at risk of, or with, delirium


Queensland Stay on Your Feet® Falls Prevention Guidelines

Queensland Stay on Your Feet® Community Good Practice Guidelines

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) UK

Falls:assessment and prevention of falls in older people, NICE Clinical Guideline 161, June 2013

American Geriatrics Society British Geriatrics Society Clinical Practice Guidelines: Prevention of Falls in Older Persons (2010)

These guidelines have recently been updated. There is a summary of recommendations and patient resources.

Best Practice Recommendations for Physical Activity to Prevent Falls in Older People

Undertaken by Catherine Sherrington, Stephen Lord and Jacqueline Close in 2008

This piece of work was commissioned by the Centre for Health Advancement of the NSW Department of Health through the Sax Institute in 2008. The authors were chosen for their research expertise in the field of falls prevention in older people, in Australia and internationally.

The aim of the work was to obtain clear answers to the two following questions, based on the best available evidence:

  1. “What are the types, frequency and intensity of physical activity that are most effective in reducing the risk of falls in older adults?”; and
  2. “What are the most effective programs for delivering these recommended types and levels of physical activity?”.

The report provides clear recommendations in response to these questions and is an important input to the development of evidence based falls prevention policy in NSW.

Models of Care

Musculoskeletal Network, Agency for Clinical Innovation.

Osteoporotic Re-fracture Prevention Model of Care

Osteoarthritis Chronic Care Model of Care