Northern NSW LHD Workshop: Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older People

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SAVE THE DATE! 21st September 2024

A comprehensive workshop providing you with the practical skills to develop evidence-based fall prevention strategies.

Who is this course for?

For Health Professionals working with older people. This workshop will help you tailor exercise programs for falls prevention.

Workshop Schedule

6 online learning modules completed through our online learning platform. To be completed prior to the practical session.
A 3hr face-to-face practical session including fall risk screening, case study discussions, exercise demonstrations and an opportunity to develop and present an exercise class.

About this course

This continuing education program will equip Health Professionals with important information to guide the provision of appropriate falls prevention physical activity and exercise programs for older people. Topics to be covered include the social and economic issues of falls, risk factors for falls, physiological consequences of ageing, biomechanical and physiological principles of balance, and effective falls prevention strategies.

In undertaking the program, participants will be trained to develop safe and efficacious community exercise programs for older adults that are designed in a manner to maximise uptake and adherence of those populations who stand to most benefit from exercise. Through structured learning tasks across a number of different learning formats, participants will acquire the knowledge and ability to identify, develop, demonstrate and implement evidence-based exercise interventions designed to enhance physical and functional capacity and prevent falls and fall related injury.

This workshop includes:

  • An overview of the issue of falls in older people
  • Understanding balance and ageing
  • Evidence-based fall prevention interventions
  • Developing fall prevention programs

Ticket cost

$120 including tax. Places are limited.

For further information contact Steven Phu:


Dr Daina SturnieksDr Daina Sturnieks (Neuroscience Research Australia, UNSW Medicine)

Dr Sturnieks has worked in Falls and Balance related research at NeuRA for 18 years and holds an academic appointment in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW. Her research focuses on understanding biomechanical, sensorimotor and neurocognitive contributions to balance and falls in older people and clinical groups, and randomised controlled trials of novel interventions to prevent falls involving balance, stepping and cognitive training. Daina is active in translating research findings into community, aged care and hospital settings and is Executive Board Member of the Australian and New Zealand Falls Prevention Society.


Steven Phu (Neuroscience Research Australia, UNSW Medicine)

Steven is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA). With over 10 years of experience as an exercise physiologist, Steven’s clinical practice specialises in falls prevention and the management of osteoporosis, sarcopenia and frailty. Steven is also undertaking his PhD at NeuRA where he is implementing a randomised control trial which delivers repeated slip and trip perturbations,  to determine whether this program can prevent falls and fit into clinical practice.



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