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Ms Carrie Marr, Chief Executive, Clinical Excellence Commission
Improvement is a journey not a destination… (PDF, 817KB)

Dr Harvey Lander, Director, Systems Improvements Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC)
Reducing falls and harm from falls – Older persons patient safety (PDF, 872KB)

Dr Frances Healey, Deputy Director of Patient Safety, NHS England
Patient safety struggles and successes – are there lessons we can apply to falls prevention? (PDF, 3.95MB)

Ms Julie Windsor, Patient Safety Clinical Lead, Medical Specialities/Older People, NHS England
Falls prevention in health and social care: the UK perspective (PDF, 2.54MB)

Ms Sandy Blake, Clinical Lead, Reducing harm from falls programme, Health Quality and Safety Commission, New Zealand
Reducing harm from in-hospital falls in New Zealand (PDF, 1.68MB)

Mr Jon Buchan, Portfolio Manager, Child and Youth Health, Whanganui District Health Board, New Zealand
Falls to frailty assessment: a transition of thinking to practice (PDF, 9.22MB)

Ms Carmela Petagna, Senior Portfolio Manager, Quality Improvement Programmes, Health Quality and Safety Commission, New Zealand
Whole of system: Falls and fracture management in New Zealand (PDF, 2.96MB)

Professor Stephen Lord, Senior Principal Research Fellow, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
Falls and falls prevention in the community

Professor Cathie Sherrington, School of Public Health, The University of Sydney
Falls and physical activity in community dwelling older people: understanding and addressing the evidence practice gap

Professor Lindy Clemson, NHMRC Career Development Research fellow, Team Leader of Ageing, Participation and Safety Research Team, The university of Sydney
The iSOLVE project: establishing pathways and processes to implement and sustain evidence-based fall prevention in primary care

Associate Professor Kim Delbaere, Principal Research Scientist, Falls Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
How the fear in our step can cause a fall & how bespoke technology can help

Ms Lorraine Lovitt, Lead NSW Falls prevention Program, Clinical Excellence Commission

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