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Ms Colette Scott, Nurse Practitioner, Psychogeriatrics, Port Macquarie Base hospital
Dementia, delirium, depression and falls: benefits of the AGEM Ward (PDF, 1.28MB)

Ms Coral Niesler, Nurse Practitioner, Psychogeriatrics, Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Care of Confused Hospitalised Older Persons Program (PDF, 728KB)

Associate Professor Kim Delbaere, Principal Research Scientist, Falls, Balance and Injury Research Centre, NeuRA
How feeling confident on your feet reduces fall risk (PDF,  1.5MB)

Ms Yvonne Muyambi, Health Promotion Officer, Mid North Coast LHD
Health promotion and falls (PDF, 960KB)

Ms Jo Melinz, Physiotherapist, Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Safe mobilisation (PDF, 1.36MB)

Ms Rachel Taylor, Director of Pharmacy, Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Medication and falls (PDF, 428KB)

Ms Raelene Kenny, Clinical Nurse Educator, Port Macquarie Base Hospital
Undergraduate Assistants In Nursing ‘UG AIN’ Evaluation Project (PDF, 983KB)

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